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Anonymous asked:

Hi Jen! I was on Stephen's facebook page and someone posted a pic of his interview long ago when asked who it would be felicity/sara or laurel and he said "I can never answer that" and the lady told Stephen to "never say never" with a pic of him saying "there is one woman in Oliver's life and that is Felicity" and he responded with "that is for just this year" Do you think there is some sort of back peddling going on? Because before that he did say the ships have sailed on the other couple.

jbuffyangel answered:

That’s not any different than what he said at Comic Con. He very plainly stated “there’s one woman in Oliver’s life this year” in that interview. Check it out here. Questions start at 1:53 and the “this year” can be heard, plain as day, at 2:14. It’s not back peddling at all. He just reiterated what he said at Comic Con. I never thought any different and I didn’t ignore the “this year” caveat to that statement.

Here’s the thing and there’s really no getting around this. The writers, the actors or the actresses on this show will NEVER say this couple is endgame.  It makes absolutely not sense. You’ve just ruined any reason for the fans to watch, you just tanked your ratings and you’ll be losing millions. Romance is HUGE in TV. It’s a big money maker. The longer it plays, the more money shows stand to earn.

My theory, which has always been this, is in almost every hero story there comes a time where the writers pick a lane. Where they decide WHO the love of the hero’s life will be. The fact that they are exploring the idea of “one love” in Oliver’s life this year, and that love is Felicity, speaks volumes to me. They’ve chosen to tell that side of the story this year and the woman they’ve chosen to tell it with is Felicity. That’s no small matter. I firmly believe that this love story will carry BEYOND S3, but Stephen can’t say that. He was only there to sell S3 of Arrow. Not S4, not S5, not S6. If Stephen said that it would also remove any reason to watch S3!!!

Does that change anything for me? Nope. Some of this we have to read between the lines on. And then the rest we have to take on faith.

Second, if Oliver & Felicity get together someday it doesn’t mean they will ALWAYS be together. Could there be other potential love interests over the next 3 years for both of them? Um…yeah. It’s TV.  Do I feel that it’s necessary to Oliver’s story? Nope. Do I feel it’s likely in Oliver’s case now that he’s in love with Felicity? Nope. The point of identifying “one love” is to center the hero. Their “one love” becomes a beacon light to hope for. It’s a necessary component in the hero’s journey. Often that one love is what the hero must sacrifice to be a hero. The writers tried to do this with Laurel, but the romance was rejected by viewers. So, they are doing it with Felicity, because the chemistry between the two is off the charts AND it’s the romance mostly everyone (fans, writers, actors) have embraced. Still, that’s just my theory. It’s one that I think I’m right about, but it’s also one Stephen can’t answer yes or no to. If he says Oliver will always have one love that’s the same as answering the endgame question. Why the hell would we watch? Again, you gotta read between the lines on stuff like this.

Like I always say, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. The Olicity romance story is the Ross & Rachel of Arrow. They aren’t going to rush it and they aren’t going to rush through it. Olicity. Is. Endgame. It’s HOW they become endgame that’s the question. Endgame is the destination, not the journey. To see the journey we need to watch the show and someday we’ll arrive at the endgame. 

The problem with that Facebook post is that the fan was asking Stephen’s opinion by challenging his “I can never answer that” and so Stephen had to reply with “that’s just for this year”.  He deflected, which is what Stephen ALWAYS does when someone asks him a point blank endgame question

The reason I went into such depth about this interview was because the WAY the interviewer asked the questions allowed Stephen to be more blunt in his answers. It was’t Stephen giving his opinion. It was Stephen simply talking about what was happening on the show. And what’s happening on the show for S3 is that Oliver is in love with Felicity. And only Felicity. 

The interviewer also slipped in an endgame question that Stephen could answer, which is how we got the stunning “the ship has sailed” statement. I would encourage you to read my analysis on this interview hereThe entire point of that SPECIFIC interview was that it was fucking genius questions. A master class in journalism. 

By posting on his Facebook page, throwing his words back in his face with the “never say never”, that fan didn’t leave Stephen any choice.  He had to deflect. If someone goes back and pushes on Stephen for the “ship has sailed comment”  it will be the same issue- challenging Stephen to give his opinion, yet again, which he’ll deflect, yet again. Fans are NOT phrasing the questions the right way. They are asking for Stephen’s opinion and that, my friends, is something we are never going to get. 

Nothing has changed for me. Stephen came as close to saying Olicity is endgame without actually saying Olicity is endgame that we’re ever going to get. People need to stop pushing back on Stephen and demanding more. He’s given us everything he can without torpedoing viewership. Enjoy the statements, realize they are gifts, revel in them, keep the faith and watch the damn show.



Fave Olicity Quotes [1/?]: “You are not alone. And I believe in you.” 2x21

#this moment meant everything to him #you can see it in his face #he was ready to give up #claimed he failed the city #but she wasn’t having none of it #she pulled him back #from the dark place he had put himself in #that’s why they emphasized the light in this scene #because she’s his light whenever he’s in a dark place #she always gets to him #always believes in him #those words meant so much more than she probably knows #this hug that he so desperately needed #needed to be held #brought him back in the game #and continue to fight #to save his city 

Beautifully said!



Better view!

Oh my gosh, she’s crying!  I can feel the angst, the pain even from here and I have no idea what this is even about! 
On a side note, Emily Bett Rickards had mentioned that Felicity is constantly sad in the episodes they have shot so far.  
I am going to miss the rhythm, the humor that Olicity had in season 1….but bring on the angst!  I can’t wait!  



Better view!

Oh my gosh, she’s crying!  I can feel the angst, the pain even from here and I have no idea what this is even about! 

On a side note, Emily Bett Rickards had mentioned that Felicity is constantly sad in the episodes they have shot so far.  

I am going to miss the rhythm, the humor that Olicity had in season 1….but bring on the angst!  I can’t wait!  

Just because two people are capable of deeply hurting each other over and over again does not make them passionate, star-crossed lovers. It makes them two people who keep doing terrible things to each other. Someone’s ability to make you completely and utterly soul-crushingly miserable does not mean they are a soul mate with some deep insight into your psyche. They are just someone who is really good at making you unhappy.

I just found it on a post and I think I should share it.

Because people need to understand that.

That kind of love is NOT epic.

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I think you saw this from me. :) Preach, when I first read it I wanted to scream HALLELUJAH from the top of my lungs!

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