sallylovestory asked:

It's OK no need to apologize ;) : something was bothering me when I was rewatching the S2 finale. Slade said he thought Oliver loved stronger women. Do you think the writers meant that felicity is not as strong as Laurel ? Thanks for the answer :)

jbuffyangel answered:

Ok! Got it. That makes way more sense now. lol Great question Sally!

NOT. AT. ALL. In fact, the writers meant that Felicity IS strong. Remember what Oliver said - Slade was so preoccupied he didn’t see the danger right in front of him. FELICITY was the danger. Slade underestimated Felicity and Oliver knew he would. Oliver knew Slade would fail to see what Oliver sees - Felicity’s strength. She may not kick ass, but Felicity Smoak is made of steel. Strength isn’t always about physical prowess. In fact, the strength that matters comes from inside. It was one of the most important lessons Oliver learned this season. Oliver couldn’t beat Slade and his Mirakuru army on physical strength alone. He tried all season long and failed each time. No, Oliver had to dig deeper - he had to become something more. He had to find the strength inside to be a hero and beat Slade at his own game. Felicity taught Oliver that. She taught Oliver what real strength is. When the world was falling apart, when other people abandoned Oliver, when Oliver was falling apart - it was Felicity who was strong. It was Felicity who stayed. It was Felicity’s strength that made Oliver strong again (Yes you can/Do whatever it takes/You honor the dead by fighting and you are not done fighting/I believe in you). Felicity is the bravest person Oliver knows. She never wavers, she never falters, she stands with Oliver no matter the danger. It’s why Oliver gave her the most important job. The most dangerous job. He knew he could count on her. He knew she was strong enough and he knew Slade would never see her coming.

Yes, Slade is right. Oliver does have a thing for strong women and Felicity Smoak is the strongest woman Oliver knows. That was the writers’ point. 




Anonymous asked:

I read your thoughts about Laurel and her place in the Arrow team. Thank you, loved it! There was un small moment, episodes before, when Oliver, for the first time, put Diggle and Felicity a front of anybody-else in his team: when he took Roy to the lair first and Roy asked how many people new about his identity, Oliver answered: To many, but those are the two that matters - John Diggle and Felicity Smoak. It was his statement that those two are the core of his team and his journey.

jbuffyangel answered:

YES!!!! It was an incredibly important moment. 2x12 was the first time Oliver brought someone new to the team. Sara doesn’t really join Team Arrow until 2x14. So in a matter of two episodes, the writers added two new people to Team Arrow. That’s a lot of change. So, yes that statement was incredibly important because it was the writers saying no matter who joins Team Arrow, to Oliver, Felicity Smoak and John Diggle will always be the only ones who matter.



pinkbutterflywannabe asked:

i also want to know ur opinion about what sara meant by saying laurel need Oliver?

jbuffyangel answered:

Sure! No problem. First, let’s just get the obvious concern out of the way. Sara didn’t mean that romantically. When Sara broke up with Oliver, Felicity was standing in the freaking room! When she said Oliver needed someone to harness the light inside him, Sara looked back at Felicity. Sara knew, even before Oliver did, that Felicity is the woman for him. Felicity is the one who can harness Oliver’s light. Felicity is the woman Oliver deserves. Felicity is the woman Oliver loves.

So, where does that leave Laurel & Oliver? At a really strong, really important friendship. Just because the love Laurel & Oliver shared isn’t the love either of them truly needed doesn’t mean the love they share isn’t important. Laurel still has value in Oliver’s life. To be The Arrow, Oliver needs Diggle, he needs Roy, he needs Sara, he needs Thea, he needs Felicity and yes…he needs Laurel. They all help him hold on to his humanity and they all help him become the hero he’s meant to be. What I think will be nice this season is that now all the romantic bullshit is past them, Oliver & Laurel can move towards a functioning & vital partnership. They’ll fight crime together, both as The Arrow & DA and Laurel as Black Canary. They’ll be together, just not together together as our Captain said. Sara’s statement is the set up to that relationship. It was the writers telling fans, mostly Lauriver fans, that just because Oliver isn’t in love with Laurel doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Laurel. Laurel still has a place in Oliver’s life.